Hello, Are you Driving to Uttrakhand?

In this post I will be talking about some Important Guidelines which have been issued by the Tourism Department, Government of Uttrakhand. Being aware of these points can be very helpful if you are driving to Uttrakhand in your own vehicle or hiring a taxi.  

Make sure to read every point clearly because it is related to road safety and your well being and to make your visit a memorable one.

Some of these are just regular advisory points given out by the government but by complying with them you can be hassle-free while visiting Uttrakhand.

Let’s start then.

1. The wheelbase of your vehicle must not be more than 4225 mm if you are going on hill roads. The wheelbase can be up to 4963 mm if you are travelling only till mussourie via Dehradun-Mussourie road.

The total width of the vehicle cannot be more than 2500 mm.

driving to uttrakhand

A vehicle having more than 60% overhang are not allowed on hill roads. If you are travelling in your own vehicle or a taxi, be sure to check this. Also the ground clearance must be more than 150 mm if you don’t want to get your vehicle damaged.

2. This is very Important.

Ride with only experienced Drivers on Highland routes. Hire taxi drivers who frequently drive to these places.

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Please don’t hire a driver who does not know these routes already, it can be dangerous.

3. If you are driving to Uttrakhand in your own vehicle then note that give way to vehicles going up the slope and use horn at every bend.

driving to uttrahkand

4. Keep First Aid Box and Small pieces of wood in your vehicle so that if there’s an emergency or someone else on the route is having some problem you may help them.

driving to uttrakhand

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5. Make sure to check your vehicle thoroughly before driving to Uttrakhand. Especially check your Engine oil change it if its old, check your coolant, battery, brakes, tires, steering etc. All of these play a very important role while you are inside a vehicle which is going up the hill. You don’t want a crackdown in the middle of no-where.

driving to uttrakhand

Please use hand brakes while parking and park only in the authorised area. Also carrying a Stepney will help you.

6. This one is a universal rule. Follow this whenever you are driving.

Keep all your documentation like driving license, RC, vehicle insurance papers etc with you.

Carry only updated documents.

7.   The government of Uttrakhand specially points out to make sure to use only original spare parts in your vehicle and hire an experienced mechanic for any repairs.

driving to uttrakhand

Also, Make sure to get a pollution check before coming to Uttrakhand.

8.   Backlights and stop lights should be installed in proper working condition.

9. If you are going for Char Dham yatra then photometric registration is compulsory. The registration can be done online too with the help of the link given below.


Last point is my personal view on the tourism industry of Uttrakhand.

10. Uttrakhand is a beautiful place. Thousands of tourist come here every year and the government tries to make their journey hassle free as far as possible. But our tourist places are becoming more polluted every year.

One thing we all can do is keep our Uttrakhand clean by not scattering polyethene and not throwing leftover food here and there. Instead use the dustbins and if you don’t find any dustbins near you then please carry it for some time until you find one. It’s a humble request.

10 things to know if you are Driving to Uttrakhand 1

Another thing I want to add is to please encourage local shops and village people you meet while travelling and buy something from them, it won’t cost you much but it will make their day as tourist are the only source of income of many people in Uttrakhand.

So, for as much time as you are in Uttarakhand embrace the serene beauty of nature and enjoy your stay.  

Please feel free to share your views via comments or email.

Green Uttrakhand. Clean Uttrakhand.

Thank you.

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