Uttrakhand boasts of very eclectic culture. On one side there are the Gharwalis and on the other side the Kumaounis. Although the minute details change from region to region but the overall crisp remains the same for all Uttrakhandi people.

One thing which distinguishes our culture above everything else is the Uttrakhandi music. It doesn’t matter if the song is a Gharwali song or a Kumaouni song, once the song is played people are always ready to rock the stage.

There is a certain style of singing and music which come along with these songs which create a wonderful aura whenever and wherever they are played.

Here’s a list of 10 Most Popular songs from Uttrakhand.

 Bedu Pako Baramasa Uttrakhandi song 

Number one in this list has to be the All time favourite song of not only Uttrakhandi’s but also many other all over India “Bedu                       Pako Baramasa “. There have been many versions of this song in pahadi and an international version too. I have put both for you.                 Enjoy.

The original version is sung by “Mr Gopal Babu Goswami” and the video here shows a new version sung by “Mrs Kalpna Chauhan”

Pahadi Version “Bedu Pako Baramasa”


Foreigners singing “Bedu Pako Baramasa”

Tak Taka Tak Kamla Kumaouni song 

This song deserves to be at number two position. I will give you two reasons for that:

  • If you have been to Uttrakhand or have lived here you definitely have listened to this song and most probably danced on it. Am I right? 😀
  • This has been a breakthrough song for Uttrakhandi Music as it has reached millions of people over the years and continue to do so.

The song is “Tak Taka Tak Kamla” and the singer is “Lalit Mohan Joshi“.

“Tak Tka Tak Kamla”

Thando re Thando Pahadi Song 

On number three is the song which makes you feel relaxed even if you are tired of all day’s work. Just by listening to this song can make you feel refreshed and will make you nostalgic of your home in Uttrakhand if you live in the city now.

Here I present to “Thando re Thando” by the fantabulous Mr. Narendar Singh Negi.

“Thando re Thando”

Gori Mukhadi Uttrakhandi song 

This is a song which almost every pahadi person likes. This song is on the lips of every pahadi living in Uttrakhand. This is a Garhwali song named

Gori Mukhadi ” sung by “Mr. Rohit Chauhan”

“Gori Mukahdi Sajali”

Bubbly Tero Mobile Gharwali song

The next song is the most favourite song of pahadi people in Uttrakhand.

This song by “Gajendra Rana” called ‘Bubbly Tero Mobile’ is very famous in Uttrakhandi weddings and cultural programs.

“Bubbly Tero Mobile”

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Fyonladyia Gharwali Song 

Now coming towards some new songs which are being popular these days. Kishan Mahipal is a versatile singer although all his songs are pretty popular and awesome.

Fyonladyia” by “Kishan Mahipal”


Chait ki Chatwal Gharwali song

As you must have recognized it already from the video below. This song has got more than 14 Million views on youtube after its launch. This is one song which I have heard in almost every party or function I have attended irrespective if the organizers were from Uttrakhand or not.

Chait ki Chatwal” by “Amit Saagar

“Chaita Ki Chatwal”

Sun le Dagaryia Kumaouni song

This song by Late Mr Pappu Karki is a soulful track and reminds us of the charismatic singer as he was. Paying respect to our beloved singer here is the heartfelt song sung by him.

Sun le Dagaryia” by Late “Mr Pappu Karki

Nochami Narayana Uttrakhandi Song 

Mr Narendar Singh Negi ji is a pioneer of music in Uttrakhand. There is no such song written or sung by him which is not popular or not good. But this song specially written on the background of then CM of Uttrakhand is a must listen.

Nochami Narayana” by one and only “Mr Narendar Singh Negi

“Nouchami Narayana”

Phulari Uttrakhandi Song 

This song is also written by Mr Narendar Singh Negi ji. This is a comparatively new song with a new type of music which is given to it. The meaning and sense this song projects through audio and the video mesmerizing. Just listen to this once and you will definitely fall in love with the song.

Phulari” by “TimeMachine



I hope you liked the top-10 playlist.

If you have heard of any song which you think should be in this list then comment down below and let everyone know about that song.

See you guys in the next post.

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