Hi , I am Ketan Sharma . 

This is an introductory post. You can choose to not read it, but even after the advisory you are reading then dont blame me , if it’s not interesting.

So, I am Ketan, from Kashipur Uttrakhand. Graduated from Delhi University and author of this blog. You can make me play football at any time of the day or any other sports for that matter.

Check my photograph below 😀 😀

About Me 1
This is me enjoying the boatride in Nainital……..Oh did you noticed?  I am without a life jacket,please you don’t try this. 

Advisory: Don’t take cheap boat rides. It can be injurious to health.

Summer vacations are the most joyful days in a students life. I always used to visit my grandparent’s house or say my village, during summer vacations. If you talk of my village it is located far inside in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. It takes good 6-7 hours of swinging bus ride to reach there from Ramnagar (if you are from Uttrakhand and visit your village once or twice a year then you know what I am talking about). So, the point here I want to make is I want to share my experiences from my visits to these villages of Uttarakhand which are out there but have no representation on the internet. I would love to share and at the same time preserve the dying culture of Uttrakhand due to people migrating from hill regions to metropolitan cities to get better facilities and proper Education. With the help of the Internet and your help, I can make my contribution to save my culture to pass on to the future generations. Also, I would like to serve my audience with interesting and fun facts about Uttrakhand and its culture.

Also, Uttrakhand boasts of some of India’s most mesmerizing hill stations, so whenever I will get a chance to share my experience of these places I would be obliged to post a blog about it.

If you want to share your experiences through my blog or want to join me as a team member, you are welcome.  Just Click on my name below and you know the rest. 😀

Thank you

Ketan Sharma