10 Most Popular Uttrakhandi Songs You Must Listen
10 Popular Uttrakhandi songs

Uttrakhand boasts of very eclectic culture. On one side there are the Gharwalis and on the other side the Kumaounis. Although the minute details change from region to region but the overall crisp remains the same for all Uttrakhandi people. One thing which distinguishes our culture above everything else is the Uttrakhandi music. It doesn’t […]

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How to Register For Char Dham Yatra 2019
rEGISTRATION FOR CHAR dham yatra 2019

Hope you are all ready for the Char Dham yatra now. But still, there is one confusion as to how Do you register for the Char Dham Yatra.? Yes you have to register for it before hand and the registrations are OPEN. Here in this post I have tried to make it easy for you […]

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Uttrakhand Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni Check Online (Detailed Guide 2019)
Check Khasra Khatauni Bhulek Uttrakhand (1)

How to check Uttrakhand Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni records online. Here are the simple steps. I have also explained these steps in detail below with pictures. Go to devbhoomi.uk.gov.in / bhulekh.uk.gov.in Choose your District. Check your Tehsil. Check your Village. Choose by which method you want to get the record. By Khasra/Gata Number By account number. […]

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