Do you want to know how to get enrolled in the Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna started in Uttrakhand for all the people of Uttrakhand irrespective of caste or financial status?

The first and foremost benefit of this scheme is that it will serve all the residents of Uttrakhand without any discrimination. Each and everyone will be entitled to get free medical facilites upto 5 lakh rupees every year.

With this scheme you can go to the empanelled hospitals which are registered with the governement on this scheme and have your treatment done free of cost.

All the details of the emapanalled hospitals, types of diseases covered and other important information is given below.

Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna

In this post, I have covered all the information related to Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”Buddha

Recently the Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Mr Trivendra Singh Rawat has introduced a Healthcare scheme called Atal Ayushman Yojna Uttrakhand which provides a cover of  up to 5 lakh rupees to the people belonging to Uttrakhand.

Ayushman Bharat Yojna launched by the Prime Minister is already providing health cover to  5 lakh families in Uttrakhand.

Now, the Atal Ayushman Yojna Uttrakhand will provide a health cover to 18 lakh more families residing in Uttrakhand.


How to check your eligibility for Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna

Although every family residing in Uttrakhand and having a valid  Ration card/ Voter Id/ Chief Minister Healthcare Scheme Card of Uttrakhand origin is eligible but sometimes your data may not be uploaded online so it is better to check first.

I have seen some Ration Card Numbers were not showing the details online during the registration.

Make sure you have updated Ration Card number or you can update it by going to your ration shop holder and ask him to update it.

To check your eligibility you need to go to this link.

Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna

And enter your Name, Mobile number and you can enter any one of Ration Card number or Voter Id or if you have any other card which is mentioned there in the form.

The Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna Application has been removed from the Google playstore I don’t know why.

More than 100 hospitals are covered all over Uttrakhand which will provide treatment under the Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna.

You can check the list of empanelled hospitals here

Or you can download the pdf Here.

You can check the pay package for different diseases which have been covered under this scheme.

The detailed list of diseases is given here

How to enrol in Atal Ayushman Uttrakhand Yojna

It is very easy.

Most probably your ward member will already be organizing 2-3 days camps to get people registered easily. You can search for registration centres in your city where Aadhar card registrations happen and ask them, they can guide you to the correct center.

Online self registration option is there on the webiste but it is not working.

So, What do you need for registration? You just need

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Ration Card

and go to the booth and verify your phone number and fingerprint. That’s it.

Please note: Each and every member has to go to the booth and verify his/her details to register for the scheme.

If you have any queries or doubt then please feel free to comment down below.

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