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Kedarnath Dham will open on May 9 at 5:35 am this year.

Where is Kedarnath Temple?

Kedarnath temple is situated in a small town named Kedarnath which comes under Rudraprayag district in Uttrakhand. Kedarnath temple is in the remotest location of the four Char Dham sites. It is situated at a height of 3583 m or 11,755 ft above the sea level near Chorabari glacier and near the source of river Mandakini and surrounded by the ice-capped Himalayas.

Kedarnath Yatra

How to reach Kedarnath Temple?

The distance between Delhi and Kedarnath is approximately 440 km by road and 290 km by air. There are scheduled flights from Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport Dehradoon and from there you can hire a taxi or take Uttrakhand State transport buses till Gaurikund, Sonprayag or Guptkashi wherever you choose to stay.

A lot of tourist agencies offer Deluxe bus services directly till Sonprayag and then by Jeeps to Gaurikund as it the last town connected by road. From Gaurikund it is a 14km trek to Kedarnath.

More about the trek below.

Kedarnath Yatra

How much time to reach Kedarnath Temple?

For people taking a flight from Delhi it takes roughly 50 minutes to 1 hour to reach Dehradun and from there it will take 7-8 hours of bus or taxi ride, traversing the roads cut through mountains. So, a total of 10 hours minimum to reach Gaurikund.

flight from Delhi to doon
flight from Delhi to doon

For people taking the long route i.e by road or train it takes on an average of 7 hours to reach Dehradun from Delhi. After Reaching Dehradoon it takes 7-8 hours more of bus or a taxi ride to reach Gaurikund. , takes in total 15-16 hours to reach Gaurikund.

trains from delhi to doon
trains from delhi to doon- Badrinath Yatra

If you are travelling by your own vehicle then you should check out this post 10 things to know if you are Driving to Uttrakhand

After reaching Gaurikund, the 14 km trek can be completed with the help of ponies or palanquins or you can trek for which you need to obtain a medical certificate, more about it below. According to the tourist guides, the trek can be completed within 7 hours by a healthy person in normal weather conditions.

Kedarnath Yatra

After reaching Dehradoon you can also visit Badrinath Temple. Here is our guide on Badrinath Yatra.

Important points to Note

For Kedarnath Yatra, you need to obtain a medical certificate.

You can carry your own updated medical certificate or you can get one at the medical centres at Sonprayag and Guptkashi. Your blood pressure will be checked and you will be inquired for any medical history. You will also be provided general medications for small problems but if there are major ailments then you will not be allowed to go to Kedarnath by trek instead you have to take the helicopter.

Planning your stay before reaching is very Important.

You can choose to book your hotel at Sonprayag, Guptkashi, Gaurikund or Kedarnath. Online booking is available but due to limited facilities you need to book your stays in advance or you can just take a tourist package, and they will do all this stuff for you.

Kedarnath Yatra - everything you need to know 1
You can search online for the best deals. During peak season
lodges are completely packed.

Registration for the Yatra.

You need to obtain a trip card by registering yourselves in the Yatra portal. Now if you are planning to take a tour package the company will be doing this for you if not then read ahead.

This can be done physically by going to a counter at Railway stations, Bus stops and in some market stalls in Haridwar or you can simply go to http://www.onlinechardhamyatra.com/frmUserRegistration.aspx and book for yourselves online for 2019 char Dham yatra or Do Dham yatra or Ek Dham Yatra.

Kedarnath Yatra - everything you need to know 2
Registration counter locations
Image source

Gaurikund to Kedarnath by trek.

Before you start your trek your medical certificate will be checked at Sonprayag or Gaurikund. Following is a satellite picture taken from Google Maps you can easily notice the gradual increase in steepness of the trek.

Kedarnath Yatra

As you can see in the satellite images from Google Maps the first seven kilometres till Rambara the trek is simple and then it gets steeper as you move closer to Kedarnath. You will be going up and down the hills during the trek.

After the Kedarnath disaster in 2013, the trek route has been redeveloped by NIM(Nehru Institute of Mountaineering). Iron railings have been put on the trekking route and resting camps are available at every 400-500 meters. If you will have any difficulty or face any emergency the SDRF( State Disaster Response Force) will help you reach safely or get medical aid besides that medical facilities are available at every halting station.

So, If you are fit and want to enjoy some trekking then go by trek and enjoy the panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas around you.

As for 2019, the government is planning to allow 5000 visits per day at Kedarnath Dham.

Best Time to visit Kedarnath Temple

As Kedarnath is surrounded by snow-capped mountains round the year the daytime temperature can be low in summers too. Entry for pilgrims is allowed from May till October after which the Kapat(door) of Kedarnath Dham is closed for visitors. This year the gates of Kedarnath Dham will open on May 9 at 5:35 am IST.

It is recommended to visit Kedarnath during the month of May when the average temperature is about 17-degrees Celcius which creates pleasant weather to enjoy sightseeing and going to small treks scatted alongside Kedarnath Temple or after the monsoon season is over.


Kedarnath Yatra - everything you need to know 3
Kedarnath Dham in winters
Image Source

It is advisable to avoid monsoon season as it rains heavily and due to landslides, the road connectivity is broken. People every year get trapped in various places along the route during monsoon season in Uttrakhand.

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